We know our goal all right

As the ancient legend has it, a wise father taught his obtuse sons a lesson of how to hold together with a simple trick: he asked them to break a broom as a whole, and then by a single rod, which palpably demonstrated that the strength of any team lies in its unity.

A recipe for success of the Studio «2x2» team is that each of us enjoys his/her work and appreciates what others do. At any stage of web development, from drawing up the requirement specification to implementation in the program code, we believe it is vitally important for us to establish rapport. So we are not just employees engaged in immediate tasks but rather soul mates capable of coming up with the most daring and inventive solutions to complicated task.

Each of us is a programmer by vocation and an artist by vocation because it takes more than insight into the technical aspects to develop sites. We see it as a creative practice that combines awareness of customer needs, the potential of up-to-date technologies, shaping of a bright image, and aesthetic sense. Our output includes websites of any complexity, from minisites to corporate websites and portal solutions.

Every site's design is custom-tailored and styled to meet modern requirements and state-of-the-arts trends in web design. Ultimately, what you are getting is not just a good-looking picture, but a friendly multifunctional project which will translate into an effective tool in promoting your company in the market.